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Just to say a massive thank you Oonagh for sharing this walk which has a special place in yours and your families memories and making it such a wonderful  experience that we can all be part of that as well. My first ever walking trip in the lakes, which I hope will now be the first of many.  Xx

​- Hannah

The route is designed by Oonagh


Beautiful walk…fabulous views ​

- Shelley

Thank you for it was wonderful, just what the doctor ordered.

​- Liz

Oonagh has journeyed this route in Cumbria many times. Resident in the Lake District area, she spent many years walking lakeside and mountainous trails. However, due to an unfortunate debilitating health condition (MS) she can no longer enjoy the beautiful and tranquil spots that are so very close to her heart. Oonagh would like to extend an invitation for others to experience the surrounding beauty of Cumbria, in hope that her lakeside journey may continue through the experience of others.

I’d like to thank you all for your kind comments, reading your testimonials I can see that you all had a lovely time.

I hope you all come back to the Lakes, there are so many lovely walks to explore.

Most of all I would like to thank you all for making my journey part of yours.

Much love Oonagh.

It was a fabulous route, such a peaceful tranquil place. Thank you for inspiring the route.

​- Adam

I thoroughly enjoyed my day walking from Ambleside to Grasmere. The scenery was lovely. Thank you for helping to plan the trip :) x

​- Loren

THe Journey

I really enjoyed the walk and sights that we passed. Thank you for planning the trip.

​- Salma

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